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Posts from — September 2003

Tue, 30 Sep 2003 20:38:11 GMT

Guardian's Borger Names Rove. Via Atrios: The Guardian's Julian Borger says that journalists are privately naming Karl Rove as the source of the CIA-Valerie… [TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime]


well in case you weren't pretty sure, people are starting to speak about it.

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old streams

this is the link to my quicktime video stream, sometimes it's on, sometimes it's not

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newsgaming is interesting

Ideological Games: September 12th. Gonzalo Frascaâs Newsgaming outfit has posted the September 12th game.

It is quite interesting, but I think it has the problem that I wrote about earlier, that its ideology has a cartoonish clearness (the war on terror is evil, end of story). I like to see doubt in things like these. … [The Ludologist]

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eeek, alex is having his students read blogs

including this one and others, well maybe…. I've not seen anyone read it linking from there yet, so we'll see, but a nice blogback is always nifty.

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Women Without Borders

because i maintain the servers that the Feminist Theory Website exists on, and defacto i support that project(and if anyone wants to help do updates let me know, it's an open project), i occasionally get interesting things sent to me, like I'm subscribed to women without borders or frauen ohne grenzen, which sent me an update leading with:

“We were born with the genetic advantage that the gaining of status and the fear of losing power does not constantly get in the way.”

Maria Schaumayr

and my problem is that being a woman is not a genetic disadvantage, it may be a social, cultural, or otherwise believed disadvantage, but not a genetic one to the best of my knowledge, unless they mean something else by genetic, which is possible i guess. In any case, if you are interesting women's policy worldwide, try women-without-borders and let me know what you think.

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Tue, 30 Sep 2003 19:07:31 GMT

OSI layers. For reference purposes: links to explanations of the OSI network layer model. • (easy to read, different aspects in different chapters) • (bare… [Fragments]

somewhere i saw a paper on why the osi model failed to capture the hearts and minds of designers, hmmm…. where was that…

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Tue, 30 Sep 2003 19:03:52 GMT

ICANN: regional mutiny brewing?. A posting on ICANN Watch by Milton Meuller draws attention to a move by regional DNS registries to develop a framework for cooperation that could become an alternative to ICANN. The registries involved are the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre,… []

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Tue, 30 Sep 2003 19:01:57 GMT

Strong patent law does not foster innovation, according to a dissertation by Petra Moser, an assistant professor at MIT's Sloan School, as reported in the NY Times. She studied 19th century innovations and patents, and concludes that countries, particularly developing countries, may be better off without strong patent laws. [ - words and pictures from Silicon Valley]

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500 classes and nothing on?

Yesterday MIT reached the first goal of its OpenCo …. Yesterday MIT reached the first goal of its OpenCourseWare project by offering open access to all the materials for 500 MIT courses. This milestone was reached one year after the project launched. (Thanks to [Open Access News]

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1st Int. Workshop on Practical and Scalable Semantic Systems

1st Int. Workshop on Practical and Scalable Semantic Systems (PSSS)
Collocated with 2nd Int. Conf. on the Semantic Web (ISWC)
Sanibel Island, Florida, October 20, 2003

Below is a list of the research papers that have been accepted
for the PSSS workshop. The program committee selected 6 papers as full
papers and 3 poster papers out of 15 submissions.

We are happy to announce that Prof. Robert McGregor
of ISI (USC) will be giving an invited talk on

“Representing Contextualized Data using Semantic Web Tools”.

We take this opportunity to thank all the authors and reviewers for
their help in selecting this program.

We are looking forward to a stimulating workshop, fruitful discussions
and seeing you in Sanibel Island.

Isabel Cruz, Stefan Decker and Raphael Volz
PSSS 2003 Workshop (Co)chairs

Agenda (9:15 – 18:00)

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