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Posts from — June 2005

i’d rather be a quaker, it was number 3 though…

According to the Belief System Selector, my #3 belief match is Liberal Quakers. What do you believe? Visit

but it said i was:

According to the Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Unitarian Universalism. What do you believe? Visit

June 25, 2005   1 Comment

House restores public broadcast funds – Yahoo! News

House restores public broadcast funds – Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives on
Thursday voted to restore $100 million for public television
and radio broadcasting next year, reversing a Republican-led
plan to cut spending deeply.



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Trivia for Serenity (2005)

Trivia for Serenity (2005):

According to an interview with Alan Tudyk, this is the first movie in a three-picture Firefly contract with Universal.

goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal

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ScriptCenter: ATM for Drugs

ScriptCenter: ATM for Drugs:

scriptcenter.jpgNew ATM-like prescription machines are being rolled out in California and Virginia, where new changes in states’ laws allow medicines to be dispensed without a pharmacist. This new machine, called the ‘ScriptCenter,’ has been installed at a Longs Drug in Del Mar, California, and coughs up as much Furosemide and Metformin as your pharmacist has loaded into it..

A New Way to Get Refills [MedGadget]


this is not good. not good at all

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Study of Free/Open Source and Proprietary Software in an African
Context: Implementation and Policy-making to Optimise Community Access
to ICT
The Software
Comparison research project provides
the needed background information and advice to
people who want to make
sound software choices for public computer labs in Africa.
final report represents the first comprehensive analysis of software
in the African public-access context. The study looked at 121 computer
labs in Namibia, South Africa and Uganda, examining the range of
factors that affect software choices; the realities of the current
situation in Africa; and the long-term implications of software choices
for Africa. This
research was led by and supported by Collaborating Partners
SchoolNet Africa, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
and the Open Society Institute (OSI). In addition, a number of
field-study partners provided access to computer labs for the study. A
Advisory Group, comprised of experts in the field from both sides of
the debate, was actively involved in the study on a regular
basis: reviewing project documents (methodology, report drafts etc.),
providing feedback and additional resources.


interesting study

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The Chronicle: 6/24/2005: Teachers’ Pets

The Chronicle: 6/24/2005: Teachers’ Pets:

Students who visit the turtles “light up like Christmas trees” when they see them, says Mr. Witz.

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Elizabeth Clementson: Down With MFAs

Elizabeth Clementson: Down With MFAs

So here’s my advice—if have any aspirations for a place in literary history, don’t attend an MFA program. It won’t inspire you to great literature and you won’t be able to pay back that enormous tuition bill unless you write the carefully crafted plot line that everyone wants, but nobody wants to read.


most of what she says can be applied to almost any given degree program, can’t it?

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AlterNet: Life Begins at ‘Want a Cigarette?’

AlterNet: Life Begins at ‘Want a Cigarette?’:

In Christian terms, full humanity has never been associated merely with material substance. Declaring that a human soul comes into being fully formed at the moment of conception is logically at odds with its status as an organ of informed choice and goes against the whole thrust of the born-again movement. What I find so curious about the right-to-life position on the fertilized egg is its astounding materialism: A zygote has neither brain nor mind and no ability whatever to accept or reject the existence of a supreme being. A “person” — especially a Christian person — is a being of free will. To extend that definition to a single cell is theologically absurd.


in case you did not know.

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In-ear Headphone Round-up

In-ear Headphone Round-up:

headphonesepia.jpgDear readers, we have been wrong. The older folk among us—baby-boomers, cracked former students of the Naval Arts, and other geriatrics—have been underrepresented in our coverage, as evidenced as our hate mail today. Well, old-timers, this one’s for you:

Upgrade your iPod: In-Ear Sound-Isolating Earphones [ExtremeTech]


i use sure e3c’s i think they are the best for the money.

June 23, 2005   No Comments

Most popular news stories as ranked by readers of Yahoo! News

Most popular news stories as ranked by readers of Yahoo! News:

A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that local governments may seize people’s homes and businesses against their will for private development in a decision anxiously awaited in communities where economic growth often is at war with individual property rights.


this is wrong…

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