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Posts from — February 2007

Did a xtian doctor, use his xtianity to cover a profit motive?

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge : In th’ethic of ruinous “modern” standards:
“Ethics” can be rewritten and as ostensibly objective principles are no less malleable than the DSM-IV criteria for various versions of “crazy.” Humanism? That grasps something a little more unyielding and a lot more desirable, but one wonders how timeless a concept it, or anything, will prove to be, given the tenor of prevailing minds.


you decide. I suspect that people frequently use ‘covering norms’ to hide their preferences and biases… You can generally see this in the differences between Christianity in terms of say ‘the sermon on the mount’ and that religion practiced in churches. The religion in many churches has no clear relation to most of, what i would think would be ‘important bits’ of religious teaching and quite a bit to do with other bits… specifically the post – calvin bits.

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The New York Nerd » The Smartest Man

The New York Nerd » The Smartest Man:


this is not as funny as it should be.

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Just remember that proxies aren’t magical; they simply add extra hops in the middle. Each person still has an address (you, your buddy, and the pizza place). So don’t think of it as “hiding” or “becoming invisible”; this isn’t how the Internet works. The Internet needs to know your exact location or else you can’t use it. If you were truly hidden, nobody would be able to bring you the stuff you asked for — whether that something was a pizza or an email from a friend.:


short… pretty true.

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Version 3.0 Launched – Creative Commons

Version 3.0 Launched – Creative Commons:

The latest version of the Creative Commons licenses — Version 3.0 — are now available. To briefly recap what is different in this version of the licenses:

Separating the “generic” from the US license

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New SLURL directory available

New SLURL directory available:
New SLURL directory available
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it already had some of my builds…

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smallx: Project Home Page

smallx: Project Home Page:
Smallx is a library and set of tools that is being developed to process XML infosets.


this coudl be handy

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Don’t Become a Scientist!

Don’t Become a Scientist!:
Are you thinking of becoming a scientist? Do you want to uncover the
mysteries of nature, perform experiments or carry out calculations to learn
how the world works? Forget it!

it is actually worse than that.

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Janor’s List of The Very Cool – February 2007

Janor’s List of The Very Cool – February 2007:
A Very Cool place temple…Temple at Kula – It’s really only a temple in that it mimics Greek architecture. It’s still a pretty cool build, though.Pictures of the Temple at Kula


Apparently Janor likes the temple that I built…

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art in kula 2

Artinkula 001-1

there was a spontaneous art event in kula last night

Artinkula 004-1

it happened entirely accidentally, in part due to the metaverse meetup people i’ve met

Artinkula 002-1

one of them introduced me to this artist sandhya2 patel who wanted to show us her art, but did not have enough prims to show it all at once, so i invited her to kula 2, one of Joi Ito’s islands

Artinkula 003-1

Then i invited a few people to see it,… and then more showed up, and people were still showing up later. there are more pictures of course

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How To Implement SPF In Postfix

How To Implement SPF In Postfix:
This tutorial shows how to implement SPF (Sender Policy Framework) in a Postfix 2.x installation. The Sender Policy Framework is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.


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