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Posts from — August 2006

Rational sex ethics

Rational sex ethics – Google Book Search:

Rational sex ethicsBy Walter Franklin Robie


this is one of google’s recently released full books… unsurprisingly, i found it while looking for early sociology texts….

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Social Software / Library 2.0 syllabus

ok.. yes… i’m teaching it… Internet Resources for the Information Professional is a course that will cover social software and Library 2.0 applications and their use in libraries (surprise!) and the larger informational arena.

But wait… there’s more…. This course… and my digital archives course are both based in the mediawiki…. oh my… The whole course is a wiki…. yes… the whole course and every future version of this course will be in a wiki…. The knowledge will be passed from one generation to the other, we invite participants from the larger community to discuss things on the wiki at the discretion of the instructor(that’s me).

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‘Digital Natives’ May Be Fleeing Lecture Halls [14]

‘Digital Natives’ May Be Fleeing Lecture Halls [14]:
“Something is happening this semester that has never happened to me before,” writes Kristin Luker, a professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, on a forum for professors. ”[M]ore than half of my lecture class is just not showing up.” Judging by the responses to Ms. Luker’s observation, she’s not alone.

thank god the students are finally waking up and saying ’screw this’. the lecture delivery model does not work, all it does is make students have to go home and study to learn the material… why not just bypass it and go home and study if you are able? there is generally, for any course that would be a lecture, plenty of info on the web to help you understand the material.

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Ahh, first day of work

today was my first day… I actually got a fair amount done today academically, just didn’t get much done where it needed to be done. as usual… in any case, i also signed up for my health insurance, and all my other bennies. I think I’m going to change the blog a bit. I am actually going to blog a fair more about what i’ve do in the day… perhaps diary like, but likely i’ll post a bit of writing, a bit of work and generally just log things. For instance, today I spent a good bit of time talking on AoIR about privacy, property, and data. I also read an interesting Zygmunt Bauman article and read an article on design. I also spent some time working on my syllabus, which I’ll finish off tomorrow morning.

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Blog Meme

Blog Meme:
Here are the rules:

1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

i did not get to 5 sentences……

Rumsfeld ‘offered help to Saddam’. Declassified papers leave the White House hawk exposed over his role during the Iran-Iraq war. [Guardian Unlimited]

why, isn’t this surprising?

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Andrew Brown: on how much we divulge to Google & co

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Andrew Brown: on how much we divulge to Google & co :
Every time you use an internet search engine, your inquiry is stored in a huge database. Would you like such personal information to become public knowledge? Yet for thousands of AOL customers, that nightmare has just become a reality. Andrew Brown reports on an incident that has exposed how much we divulge to Google & co
unfortunately, i don’t think the populace at large really cares…..

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Celebrity stalking for fun and profit

Celebrity stalking for fun and profit:
File under Fun But Creepy Panopticon Effects:
I know we all try to be sophisticated and cool and pretend we are not impressed by mere celebrities when they stroll by us as we go about our daily business, but truth be told, you get just a little giddy, don’t you? Even if you’re not a fan?

nancy has a blog:) oh… this was the 5000th woo hoo, though… i guess i’m probably actually in the 3000 post realm. actually… this post was 3946….. amazing… isn’t it.

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well… last day….

Today is technically my last day as a full-time instructor of political science at Virginia Tech. It has been a great time with a great department. We’ve accomplished so much at VT, much of it unrecognized except by the community that it served. My colleague Brent Jesiek will now be the manager of the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture. Of course, I am still an STS student there, but we’ll hopefully end that soon enough:)

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Canada’s Apology to America

DevilDucky – Apology to America:
Apology to America

Viewing and hearing this file properly may require Quicktime 6 or greater.Please be patient while your media loads.Canadian Colin Mochrie, as anchor Anthony St. George, apologizes to America. From the TV show This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

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DevilDucky – Speeding Hurts: Collision

DevilDucky – Speeding Hurts: Collision:
Speeding Hurts: Collision


a great public service announcement from denmark….

Viewing and hearing this file properly may require Quicktime 6 or greater.Please be patient while your media loads.

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