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Posts from — March 2003

Sun, 30 Mar 2003 15:12:51 GMT

More on scientific self-censorship….The staff of …. More on scientific self-censorship….The staff of The Why Files has written a balanced and detailed article, Perils of Publication, on the risks of censoring, and not censoring, scientific journal articles in an age of terrorism. The article is based on interviews with Martin Blume, Eugene Garfield, Paul Ginsparg, and Raymond Zilinskas. (Thanks to [FOS News]

it might be time to consider once again the role of science in free society.

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Sun, 30 Mar 2003 15:08:51 GMT

Michael Fraser has written a very useful Quick Gui …. Michael Fraser has written a very useful Quick Guide to Eprints for the Oxford University Computing Services web site. For readers new to the concept, this guide is just the right length. Apart from the clear introduction, Fraser also gives a bit of news: “Over the next few months a pilot eprints repository will be developed in Oxford together with policies and support.” [FOS News]

interesting, i suspect more and more universities will be going in this direction.

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Sun, 30 Mar 2003 01:38:45 GMT

Survey shows increasing business interest in Open Source software. According to The Register, “A report on business attitudes to open source software published this week indicates steady progress in the UK, with a growing number of CIOs seeing OSS as a means to tackle Total Cost of Ownership, and indications that it is being used in more sophisticated roles. The study, conducted by Trend Consulting on behalf of OpenForum Europe and published this week in the IoD's Director magazine, reveals growing confidence in open source, and notes that avoidance of lock-in is as much a driver as TCO. ..”. [Living Without Microsoft]

this is good, but we need more info

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Sat, 29 Mar 2003 13:33:25 GMT

A Flat Lens That Breaks The Laws of Nature.

A University of Toronto researcher has developed a flat lens that doesn't respect the “normal” laws of nature and could significantly enhance the resolution of imaged objects. NewsFactor has the story.

The creation of an unusual flat lens may finally resolve a long-running controversy about the existence of materials that have metaphysical qualities — so-called “metamaterials” — that transcend the laws of nature.

[Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends]

The key to understanding this is to understand what people think are normal actions in nature as opposed to unexpected actions. in truth, our mental vision is what allows us to construct this identification of normal laws, not necessary any relation between that mental state and the world as it exists, though perception mediates of course, so does imagination and 'reason'. reason being the one that tells us that if x, y, z work like so, then w should too.

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this could be handy, free learning modules from dept. of energy

This is a reminder that the U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office
(DOE/CBFO) makes 31 training/ed material packages available to businesses,
government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, consultants,
students, and citizens at no cost to recipients through a federal knowledge
sharing program:

+ Web user, instructor, general employee, training manager, educational
administrator, and manager training needs evaluation tools

+ Training organization, work obstacle, conduct of operations, proposal, and
HR organization self-evaluation tools
+ Management, TQM, and grantwriting courses
+ Training effectiveness measurement tools
+ Employee performance appraisal and development system
+ Employee and managerial communication surveys
+ 360-degree leadership development needs feedback system

A number of recipients have created web-based training/ed programs and tools
from these materials (see Central Michigan University's Star Program). To
obtain these materials at no cost, complete an online application at the
newly-revised website that we operate for DOE/CBFO:

We will obtain necessary approvals and send to you a username and a
password, allowing you to download the requested material directly from the

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3rd International Workshop on Multimedia Data and Document Engineering

3rd International Workshop on Multimedia Data and Document Engineering
September 8th, 2003, Berlin, Germany,
in conjunction with
29th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

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Workshop on Semantic Integration

Call For Papers

Workshop on Semantic Integration
at ISWC'2003

Monday, October 20, 2003
Sundial Resort, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA

In numerous distributed environments, including today's World-Wide Web, organizational intranets, and the emerging Semantic Web, the applications will inevitably use the information described by multiple ontologies and schemas. Interoperability among applications depends critically on the ability to map between them. Today, matching between ontologies and schemas is still largely done by hand, in a labor-intensive and error-prone process. As a consequence, semantic integration issues have now become a key bottleneck in the deployment of a wide variety of information management applications.

The high cost of this bottleneck has motivated numerous research activities on methods for describing mappings, manipulating them, and generating them semi-automatically. This research has spanned several communities (Databases, AI, WWW), but unfortunately, there has been little cross fertilization between the communities considering the problem.

This workshop examines semantic integration issues, with an emphasis on schema and ontology matching, ontology integration, and object matching and fusion. It will bring together researchers from different communities to examine cutting-edge approaches to semantic integration, to consider how different communities can leverage each other's strengths, and to discuss additional challenges brought by new application contexts.

Workshop Format

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Sat, 29 Mar 2003 12:50:26 GMT

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. The Etech conference put on by O'Reilly is coming up near the end of April and I'm already getting excited for it. Last year's was the best conference I've ever been to. In contrast to many conferences I've attended, the panels and presentations were just as valuable as the hallway conversations between panels.

This year looks very promising, with tracks on Internet applications, social software,… []

this looks like it would be a great con.

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Fri, 28 Mar 2003 01:49:05 GMT

Menu Tabs in CSS. How he does it (Offerings of fruit and flowers in Mark's general direction)… [BookBlog]
should use this

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Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:01:58 GMT

Northwestern University is putting the first compl …. Northwestern University is putting the first complete English translation of Vesalius' 1543 anatomy of the human body, De Humani Corporis Fabrica, online free of charge. For details, see the site or the press release. [FOS News]

hmm, interesting. more people should have education in the classics, as i've said before aesop's fables is primary reading for any system administrator.

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