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Posts from — October 2004

Wesley Clark Blasts Dick Cheney

Wesley Clark Blasts Dick Cheney:
Wesley Clark issued this statement today: “Vice President Cheney should be ashamed of himself for his last ditch efforts to mislead Americans about John Kerry. George Bush and Dick Cheney turned their back on our troops by attempting to cut…


if anyone should know about the cuts… it would be clark, he was there was reagan and bush’s daddy started them.

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E-Voting Lies From Bush Team

E-Voting Lies From Bush Team:
I was just listening to CNN political coverage, and a lawyer who’s a Bush supporter flat-out lied about electronic voting machines, claiming all the questions have been satisfactorily answered about the machines’ trustworthiness and reliability. Anyone who knows anything about this subject knows that his statements were absolutely false.

Nothing surprises me anymore, but the brazenness of this guy’s lies was really something.

By the way, here’s an easy way to find your voting site. Just plug in your street address and zip code.

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i’m not sure she was in the wrong Yahoo! News – Colo. Teacher Kicks Student for GOP Shirt

Yahoo! News – Colo. Teacher Kicks Student for GOP Shirt:

but i do think she broke the law….

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Redskins Lose!

Redskins Lose!:

In every Presidential election-year since 1936, if the Washington Redskins lost their last game before the election, the incumbent lost as well. In today’s game, the Packers beat Washington 28 – 14. A late rally by the Redskins in the 4th Quarter couldn’t save them. This is the strongest spurious evidence yet that Kerry’s going to win on Tuesday.


yep, and the viking’s and their bush luvin mike tice got their butts handed to them on a platter. giants 43 vikings 13. support the troops, support john kerry

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Scientific Integrity in Policymaking – 2/04

Scientific Integrity in Policymaking – 2/04:

this is a topic i’ve hit on alot since bush has been president. he ruins and abuses science and scientific progress. he ruins it by making it political in ways it was not political before. he abuses it by mixing it with ideological and religious standpoints and presents it as truth the the public.

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Main Page –

Main Page –

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important documentary….

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the raven…

Annabel Lee:

a bit of poe -try

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Contact, Contagion, and Containment

CFP: “Contact, Contagion, and Containment”
Cornell University, March 4-5, 2005
Keynote speaker: Cesare Casarino, University of Minnesota

Cornell English Department’s Graduate Student Annual Spring Conference is currently accepting abstracts for its fourth annual conference on literary, cultural, and theoretical notions of contagion and containment.  To us, these terms suggest different attitudes toward bringing disparate or divergent things together, the putting-into-contact of the dissimilar.  We seek submissions for papers of no more than 15-20 mins duration which will engage with some aspect of these themes, figuratively or literally, positively or negatively construed..

Panels might include, but are by no means limited to:
-communication of bodies
-sites of intertextuality, communication of texts
-the anxiety of influence
-cross-period fertilization
-dissemination, iterability
-interfacing disparate media
-disciplinary boundaries
-adaptation, translation; literary allusion
-spaces of quarantine; containing populations
-migration, border-crossing, exile
-contact zones
-the effects of globalization
-collective formations; the multitude, the swarm
-assemblages of desire
-desecration of the sacred; impure mixtures
-rhetoric of disease, metaphors of infection and contamination

Deadline for Abstracts: Dec 1, 2004

We are committed to encompassing a spectrum of methodologies and mediums, and are seeking not only scholarly papers, but also original fiction and poetry, multimedia installations, art work, or performance pieces.  Abstracts or extracts should be no more than 300 words and must be received no later than December 1, 2004.  Please e-mail submissions to: or send by regular mail to: Theo Hummer, Department of English, 250 Goldwin Smith, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, 14850.

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