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International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance

International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance:
An International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance was launched 20 April 2005 in London, Manila, Ottawa and Washington,with initial endorsements on its declaration from almost one hundred groups from around the world.
The introduction and detailed White Paper on the campaign’s Web site speak for themselves, specifically in highlighting the significnace of “The Registration of Populations”, “The Creation of a Global Identification System”, and “The Creation of an Infrastructure for the Global Surveillance of Movement” as 3 of 10 key “signposts” of the emergence of a global infrastructure for mass registration and surveillance — the same things I have identified as among the key trends threatening the right to travel.
I’ve immediately endorsed this campaign. I hope you will too.


yep, this is something that I’d endorce.

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Sun, 29 Dec 2002 12:49:35 GMT

Eye scans unlock the future. Countries and companies are looking to using fingerprints, iris patterns and facial scans to increase security. [BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

i worry about the extent of people's faith in biometric technologies. i'll add more to this later.

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