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Interpretive Policy Analysis: Discourse and Power in Critical Policy Studies

I’ll be going to Kassel in June, originally i had planned to go Glasgow(triple helix) to Kassel (Interpretive Policy Analysis) to Cologne (E-social science), Glasgow and Cologne accepted my papers as posters, which I don’t like, though I can see why someone might do that. So I’m bowing out of those conferences, I’m not a poster guy at all, but I’ve gotten my IPA conference booking approved and underway. I have been to this conference once before and I think that I benefitted greatly from the experience. I’m looking forward to this years conference also. Kassel looks like an interesting town and I have friends up the road an hour or so, so I’ll likely see them too.

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The technology can only do so much, nutrition is worth thinking about

Jamie’s Ministry of Food, the celebrity chef’s new TV series, is a powerful portrait of the socially excluded. It also reveals an enduring truth, says Felicity Lawrence: our diet today is as much about class as it always has been – and it will take more than a one-man mission to change that

[From Felicity Lawrence on Jamie Oliver's TV series Jamie's Ministry of Food | Life and style | The Guardian ]


worth the read and consideration

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bail-out be gone

I have to say, that if you vote for the bail-out, I am not voting for you anymore. This bail-out benefits the wealthy in the short term and supposedly supports the rest of us long term, but that’s a fiction. This is Enron 2.0. We can support the rest of use in the long term by letting these behemoth companies fail, and for the wealthy to take the losses. The people who were invested in these companies can have basic pensions guaranteed through the government should they be in significant need. Otherwise, we have to let things fail. Go read the economist’s blogosphere.


eeep….. this was post 5000 in the current blogging system.

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YouTube – QueenRania’s Channel


[From YouTube - QueenRania's Channel]


this is a brilliant use of youtube!

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kiki and bubu have a plan

more kiki and bubu

i didn’t know there are 4 of these now.

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Economic Mobility Project Literature Reviews

Researchers across a variety of disciplines including economics, sociology and psychology have been studying economic mobility for some time. Led by a team of researchers from The Urban Institute, the project has summarized the best-available existing research on various factors that might influence individual and family economic mobility, both within and across generations.

[From Economic Mobility Project | Reports & Research | Literature Reviews]


This is a set of literature reviews of important concepts related to economic mobility.

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Charles Tilly passed away

Charles Tilly


chuck tilly

Sociology, n-1

From the sites that I read….

I’ve read a few of his books. He was an easy and sensible read, very accessible on the surface level. It is hard to find fault with the surface of his texts. I think he will be missed.

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Knowledge Ecology Studies

Knowledge Ecology Studies
KE Studies is an online publication that focuses on the creation, dissemination and access to knowledge goods. It is a multidisciplinary journal that draws on a number of specialties: sciences, technologies, public policies, the laws of intellectual property, business, free speech and privacy, telecommunications and other related knowledge disciplines.

[From Knowledge Ecology Studies]


this looks like an interesting start.

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sometimes… the puppets know… they just know.


this is a great little puppet show about neoliberalism with great social and political theoretical basis. from monochrome

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some Muslim disobey hygiene rules Female Muslim medics ‘disobey hygiene rules’ – Telegraph

“No practising Muslim woman – doctor, medical student, nurse or patient – should be forced to bare her arms below the elbow,” it said.

[From Female Muslim medics 'disobey hygiene rules' - Telegraph ]


personally, i think they have the right to say no, but by not following the rules, I think they should be open to criminal charges if someone in their care gets infected. We do have the right to our own body, that is the foremost right, the right to a healthy body. The right to religion and personal belief should not override the right of another person to live a healthy life free from these ’superbugs’. I have no problem with special attire for religions, but i do take issue if that clothing brings probable harm to other people in situations where the person is supposed to be doing the opposite. In the case where the clothing is neutral, which in this case the claim it is not, but say where clothing might insight violence in others, though it need not, i think you can wear what you like and suffer the indignities of the social world, but in the case of healthcare workers… no. Your right to modesty in other words, or religion, does not outweigh someone else’s right to the best healthcare that they can have.

Keep in mind this is in a right’s based model, which i don’t generally perpetrate, but I think i can make the same argument in regards to being a good person and caring for others.

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