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Creative Business Card Designs.

Creative Business Card Designs.:

Creativebits blog has a collection of some really creative business card designs (many from the businesscards pool on Flickr): LinkThanks Tara!


I have like 500 business cards from pratt….. but i’ve been using streetcards by hugh,

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Main Page – Pentabarf

Main Page – Pentabarf:
Welcome to the Pentabarf Wiki.
This wiki is used for documenting and supporting Pentabarf, the open source conference planning software.


Pentabarf is a conference management system. it looks pretty nifty… it is a rails program.

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My ongoing list of things I’m doing in priority order

Many people have always ask what I’m doing these days with my time, so i’ve decided to make public my ‘projects’ list so that people might see, that yes… I’m one busy bloke.

In order of priority:


A. I have to finish this.


A. Projects in Digital Archives

B. Library 2.0

3)Research and Publishing

A. Dach Paper (Accepted)

B. Jensen Paper (in draft)

C. International Handbook of Internet Research

I. Contracted

II. authors in order

a. need to contact authors with update

D. Learning Inquiry

I. first issue in development

E. Transdisciplinary Studies

I. first two books contracted

F. Interpretation in Policy Studies conference panel/proposal

G. Bowker Review

H. Museums and the Web proposal

I. Other

Human Affairs Paper?

Aera Proposal (submitted)

4s Proposal (Accepted)

Earli Proposal

MIT proposal

Political Economy of the Internet (on hold)

Social Software in the Academy (on hold)

Information for Social Change Paper (on hold)

Chandos Press proposal (in draft) (on hold)

Artefact paper (on hold)

4)Organizational work


I. work on codebase

II. Maintain server

E. Ethics In Second Life group

F. E-Science (on hold)

G. Global Learners project (on hold)

5. Other

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Citing: am I who you say I am?

Something marvelous from blah-feme:

To be referred to, to be quoted, sorted, circumscribed by the gesture of the upturned commas, single or double: what does this mean? To be linked to, to be pointed at, made part of a discourse, drawn in, made party to it, beholden to it, responsible, culpable? A with-writer, a conspirator, a friend? To reference, be drawn in, made party to….. this is a dizzying thing, a moment of radical alienation (is it me? Really? Am I really part of this – am I here at all in all this?). To reference, to draw in, to conjure up, to evoke…. oh this of all things, this more than anything is to make neurotics of us all.



but.. does authenticity, or authorial identity matter beyond the constructs of others? yes.. i want to be me… but i have as much control of other’s constructs of my ideas and opinions as i have in deciding which cars will pass by my window on any given day. to be cited, thus in my mind, is to contribute to someone else’s work and understanding of the world. i do not see that there is anything that needs to be profoundly deeper, or cared for at the identity-level of alienation. in short, i think the assumption that ‘you’ are being cited when someone uses your work is being overextended. I think it is better to think that someone found your writing useful

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repository of apple key shortcuts

A repository for every keyboard secret in OS X. Some of these are well known, some are not. Shortcuts in the Menu category are common rather than universal. This list should continue to grow exponentially over time.

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multi-user typo

Le Blog-a-dam:

As you may not see, this blog is powered by Typo, a cool Ruby on Rails driven blog application. However I missed the functionnality of being able to easily host multiple blog on my server. I could not find much info beside a howto which required virtual hosts and implied editing Typo’s internal.


typo is the ruby-on-rails blog system that my other blog runs….. no not the educause blog, the other blog.

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Nvu – The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh

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Development Gateway Launches Software Tool For International Relief and Development Coordination

Development Gateway Launches Software Tool For International Relief and Development Coordination:
January 11, 2005 – The Development Gateway Foundation has launched an open source software tool that organizations can use to coordinate international relief and development efforts. Called the Local Projects Database (LPD), this tool can be downloaded from the web. See


this could be useful…

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Penn State Tells Students To Ditch IE

Penn State Tells Students To Ditch IE: “Hoyceman writes “About 80,000 students and staff are being told to use an alternate browser. The Penn State ITS department sent the alert ‘because the threats are real and alternatives exist to mitigate Web browser vulnerabilities.’ InformationWeek is carrying the story.”"

(Via Slashdot.)

i’ve told everyone that reads this blog several times to ditch ie.

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Bureaucracy: ”

This is the geek story of the day. At work, we are going to have a giant videoconference (think nationwide) and we need a registration form for all the sites. Simple enough. Well, we axed most of our programmers because the big IT guys for agriculture didn’t like a department having their own programmers. That’s why I was asked to do it.

Problem: The Ag IT guys are in love with Microsoft and only accept ASP code and I tried to plead that I could do it in ten minutes using Rails. They don’t seem interested in that. Long story short, they are doing some time consuming task to get a simple registration form online and ready to go. Just to prove my point, I made my registration form in Rails. It took ten minutes.

I love Rails. I hate bureaucracy.

(Via Carpe Aqua.)

rails looks cool….

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