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Posts from — December 2004

$6 stapler doesn’t use staples

$6 stapler doesn’t use staples: “Mark Frauenfelder:
Treehugger reports on a cute-as-a-button stapler that doesn’t use staples.

 Files Staplers
Instead using the tiny pieces of metal that add up to lots waste, this ingenious little device joins your papers by punching a small, neat hole in your documents and folding the remaining flaps together for a secure binding.


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ps. i’ll find my frog

ps. i’ll find my frog: “”

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i only got up to the 68th image….

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Quick Reference Cards

Quick Reference Cards: “”

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these might be handy….

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nyt: Artie Shaw, Big Band Leader, Dies at 94

The New York Times > Arts > Music > Artie Shaw, Big Band Leader, Dies at 94: “Artie Shaw’s virtuosity on his instrument, his groups’ highly original arrangements and his explosively romantic showmanship made him one of the most danced-to bandleaders of swing and one of the most listened-to artists of jazz. He quit performing in 1954 , but the many re-releases of his discs, a ghost band, and his informed but often sardonic comments on music and many other subjects kept him in the public ear.”

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he’s not one of my favorites, but he was fun to listen to.

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Engineers on TLDs

Engineers on TLDs: “

Engineers on TLDs: Do You Want Me With Fries? on CircleID by Vittorio Bertola:

This is why engineering solutions are not carved in stone, and young engineers have always been eating up old engineers since gave engineering to the world. That’s not because the old solutions were better than the new ones, or the opposite, but because new needs and new expectations arose among the users of the technology.

One word: Lovely!

I was one of the 30-something engineers who ‘ask’ for (IDN) TLD.

While I can sense some consensus on stage and off-stage of the need of IDN TLDs, the response I get from 60-something engineers (whose status is close to been ‘God’ right now) revolves around trying to get things 100% right before proceeding.

Don’t get me wrong: I have great respects for elderly engineers who has contributed so much to make Internet what is today – and I always value their wisdoms and advises. But seeking perfect solution is no difference then say ‘no’ – at least to the one making the request.

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it might also be that 60 year old engineers are embedded in institutions and with that they take a representational role of their understanding of those institution’s interests…. if you make money off of fewer tld’s and your friends make money off fewer…. you might, subconsciously, make more stringent ‘engineering decisions’ than you would otherwise. this is a form of sub-political governance.

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The Growth and Development of Humanities Computing – Martyn Jessop, Ubiquity

The Growth and Development of Humanities Computing – Martyn Jessop, Ubiquity: “The application of computing to research problems in the humanities is not new. One of the acknowledged pioneers in this area, Father Robert Busa, began his work on the Index Thomisticus (an index to the works of the medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas”

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textual computing is more what this seems to focus on…. i think there is much much more. this admits more, but when you talk about projects…. they tend to center on texual or textualizing data….

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A new environment for learning?

A new environment for learning?: “

you find yourself with some extra time over the next few days and are
feeling adventurous, you should set aside a moment or two and try out
the beta version of Croquet.

Croquet is a 3-D rendered
‘operating system’ and provides an environment for navigating through,
and representing, information. Users are represented by the
avatar of their choice (I ended up as a rabbit) and can wander through
different spaces. When I saw a demonstration earlier this year,
Croquet allowed users to navigate around in the rendered environment,
find and communicate with others and access their favourite desktop
applications from within the Croquet world.

Croquet is open
source and links computers through peer to peer communications.
It does not need a lot of infrastructure; I saw it working on a pair of
computers linked with an ethernet cable. My first exposure to
Croquet left me dumbfounded. It defies definition and must be

Be forewarned – Croquet is really still a
beta. Documentation is sparse to non-existent and the people most
likely to benefit from playing with Croquet (in its current form) are
those who can troubleshoot code. Nevertheless, the application
has great promise and the potential to change the way we do many
things. One of its first possible uses is in creating 3-D
simulations (not unlike Ancient Spaces). Other potential applications include community and social environments as well as collaboration spaces.

You can get more information at I would love to hear what uses you find for Croquet!

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learning environment?


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:::: open ::::: The Digital Artisans Manifesto

:::: open ::::: The Digital Artisans Manifesto: “We are not the passive victims of uncontrollable market forces and technological changes. Without our daily work, there would be no goods or services to trade. Without our animating presence, information technologies would just be inert metal, plastic and silicon. Nothing can happen inside cyberspace without our creative labour. We are the only subjects of history.

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it is worth a read.

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seems handy.

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The Dude Prophetizes

The Dude Prophetizes: ”
New shit has come to light, man.

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coincidence….. i think so… remember of course that sept11 is 911 and 911 means emergency in the u.s.

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