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Directory of over 2,300 E-Learning Tools – Free and Commercial


[From Directory of over 2,300 E-Learning Tools - Free and Commercial]

This is a great resource with many interesting tools. Some CMS and Library tools are included too.

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Privacy Work-Around

So, how did the librarian get the word out? By regularly reporting to the library board that no NSL had been issued to any of the city’s 10 branches, which was perfectly legal. Everyone knew that if the chief librarian failed to report that nothing had happened, then indeed an NSL had been served.
[From Privacy Work-Around]


Sometimes the brilliance of the common sense of librarians is amazing. Given tight legal restrictions, they read the law, and found a solution that was compatible and in the end worked for their library

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Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching

Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching

Welcome to the Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching (HILT). This Handbook was written by a group of subject librarians at Cardiff University to support their colleagues in Information Services as they developed their information literacy teaching.

[From Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching]


a nice resource for people interested in the literacy issue surrounding information.

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blacklight opac

Blacklight is an open source OPAC (online public access catalog). That means libraries (or anyone else) can use it to allow people to search and browse their collections online. Blacklight uses Solr to index and search, and it has a highly configurable Ruby on Rails front-end. Currently, Blacklight can index, search, and provide faceted browsing for MaRC records and several kinds of XML documents, including TEI, EAD, and GDMS.


blacklight looks cool and highly extensible, hopefully i’ll find some time to play with it soon. i like it’s theme… expose your hidden data.

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Hackito Ergo Sum: The Library Problem

The Library Problem

[From Hackito Ergo Sum: The Library Problem


The library problem is a problem that I have. I solve it slightly differently, but am always looking for new possible solutions. This is the problem of having a personal research library. Not everyone has one, not everyone needs one, but I do and I sort of do, so I need organization for one. This gentleman and his wife found one solution, my solution is librarything currently.

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center for new humanities

this is an interesting presentation for a center for new humanities at rutgers.

I’m not sure that humanities are centered around creativity, but I am sure that i think that they humanities lead the way in terms of the skills that allow creativity and innovation to flourish.

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Books | The reading cure

The reading cure

The idea that literature can make us emotionally and physically stronger goes back to Plato.

[From Books | The reading cure]

This is actually one of my major insights, luckily i share it with many people. It is pretty simple. Great fiction, great books provide models for being, ways of coping, ways of understanding. They help you understand that yes, you are not the great lonely person confronting your challenges new, but that yes, this problem of yours is more or less the same as everyone else’s problems. Literature opens doors for realizing and empathizing.

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science and technology studies and internet research tools

Download the Original sizeSnapz Pro XScreenSnapz001.tiff

This is the referencetool system that I made years ago and is still publicly usable. it is just an install of wikindx3 with some customizations.

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School Library Learning 2.0

School Library Learning 2.0:

some nice tutorials for web 2.0 and library 2.0

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Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries (Curious Expeditions)

Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries (Curious Expeditions):
Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries


the most beautiful libraries….

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