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Article: Google print outshines the European Digital Library

Article: Google print outshines the European Digital Library:
In talking about the long road to creating the European Digital Library, this stood out to me:
In 2010, the European Digital Library should have 6 million e-books available, a much lower figure than that given by Google for the same year: 15 million.
Both numbers are hard to get your head around. As one local businessman in Upstate NY would say, these projects are H-U-G-E.

15 million ebooks… wow. That is no footnote to universal information. I’ve been using google books for some time and I have to say sometimes it is handy, but most of the time the publishers restrictions just ruins any capacity to do research. However, the likelihood of actually having the books that I want in the local library, even the esteemed NYPL is not really happening. Of course, then again I’ve never really had a library with the books that I want in it, other than my own library.


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